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In-house trend analysis As experienced trend watchers, we have been providing multi-nationals and government bodies with critical and challenging trend analyses since 2001.

Scenario planning and Designing Futures We initiated scenario planning projects to investigate if accompany can survey in different plausible futures. And we’re specialized in designing a new vision for the company,  that will help the company to grow and compete in the next 5 to 10 years.

Creating innovation strategy BrilliantBrains help companies to reach their future vision by developing an innovation strategy and providing the best tools and models to execute this.

Where we can help you Many companies and organizations know what they want for next year. Often this vision and the company’s strategy are the result of what went wrong for the last 5 years.  But this will not help to build a profitable and sustainable future. BrilliantBrains guides companies and organizations to discover a really sustainable future vision. We can support you to innovate in such a manner that this future vision can be realized.

Company BrilliantBrains is founded in 2001 as a Consulting, e-Learning Company and Design Studio in the Netherlands. Owner and director Ruud Smeulders started the company to widen his activities as innovation manager, trend watcher and concept designer.

This is a time of major changes in society, economy and technology. Although technology is often the key driver of these changes, only people adopting these technologies really make the change. By analyzing trends and future scenario’s one can find a better understanding of these changes in the world around us. That’s the reason why trend watching and future scenario analyses are so important for companies and institutions. And that is also the reason we want to offer this service to our customers.

After one has found an ideal future vision for the company, the next step is to change the company. Innovation strategy and innovation management help companies to reach their goals and to find the road to this new future. There are many tools, models and methods to support innovation. The second focus of BrilliantBrains is to help companies to implement and optimize their innovation process and to choose the best models and tools for innovating the company, their products and services, the market or business model.

Ruud Smeulders

Innovation Management & Future Scans

Dr Smeulders is an experienced and highly respected trend watcher and innovation manager. Widely travelled, he has delivered keynote addresses at universities and government events around the world, including addressing global telecommunication ministers in Hong Kong on 2006 and Dutch academic researchers on innovation trends in 2012 and 2013. His publications include 3652 x Tomorrow – A reflection on 10 years of forecasting; “Groot Innovatie Modellenboek”,  40 models of innovation; white papers on far-ranging topics such as ATM for illiterate persons, e-Identity and Context-enhanced Authorization.