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Future of ICT

“Future of ICT”, NIOC2013, Meeting the Future conference, Arnhem, April 4, 2013

Masterclass Learning Business Models

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Masterclass about constructing new Business Models for eLearning at the eLearning Event 2013 in Den Bosch on April 16, 2013. The Masterclass is given by Marcel de Leeuwe, Hans de Zwart and Ruud Smeulders. See also

Trends for Companies

Trends for Companies (in course “Trendswatching, Strategie & Conceptontwikkeling, SecondSight (March 2013 & Nov 2012)

Groot Innovatie Modellenboek

“Groot Innovatie Modellenboek”,  40 models of innovation, Frank Kwakman, Ruud Smeulders, 2013

3652 x Tomorrow

“3652 x Tomorrow”, Looking back over 10 years of forecasting, Ruud Smeulders, 2012